Managing Multiple Job Offers

My client asked for a last-minute meeting to discuss an exciting offer made to her.  She wanted to know how to approach the other companies regarding the current offer, without sounding like she was giving them an ultimatum. We discussed her approach and she moved into action.

First, she reached out to the company who had made the offer and asked for an additional three days to provide a written confirmation, which they agreed to. Next, she sent notes to her contacts at the other two companies. 

She let them know she had an offer presented to her, and only had three days to start talks. One was not able to move quickly enough and wished her well. The last company, her favorite opportunity, was interested in moving in the interview process. They quickly had a phone interview, a panel interview via Zoom and early on the third day she was presented an offer, which she accepted.

Take away:

--Keep communication open with interested companies, the relationships developed now may become opportunities later.

--Know your value and what you have to offer each company you communicate with, advocate for yourself – no one else is going to do it for you.

--You have control of your career path. Get and stay connected to your network and target companies to find the right opportunities for you.

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