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Senior and Executive Level Career Coaching

Manage Your Job Search with Clarity and Confidence

How Coaching Can Work For You

Career coaching provides support to clients as they gain clarity on their current and future career goals, and guidance in understanding the process, tools, and resources to implement a fast, targeted, and successful job search. Making a change in your career affects every part of your life such as work-life balance, habits, self-discovery, stress, time management, limiting beliefs, and relationships. So, it is important to know where you are headed in your career and then seek positions that meet your career progression expectations, fit with your personal lifestyle, and feed your passion.


As a 9x Certified Career Coach with more than 15 years of experience working with senior and executive level clients, I offer my clients coaching and consulting assistance in every area of their career transition. Coaching services include Career Change coaching, Job Search (including LinkedIn) coaching, and Interview Preparation coaching. Coaching packages are customized to fit the needs of each client to ensure we deliver support in the areas you need it most.


My role is to hear your concerns, understand your needs, and offer targeted assistance that results in you driving a focused and motivated job search, with confidence. I support my clients as they change their future, I love what I do! 

Job Search with Confidence and a Little Help!