Do You Have Defined Career Goals?

Watching a college football game over the weekend, the team losing was starting to make sloppy mistakes, the commentator said, “Mistakes happen to all players, but it’s keeping focused and how you respond, that makes the difference”. Whether with sports or a job search, it is important to stay focused on your goal.

During the job search it is not only important to stay focused, but also remember that things do not always go the way we hope, but you learn, adjust, and keep moving forward. It is often said that the choices made today will decide your success for the future.

So, how do you ensure choices made today are right for your future? By making decisions according to your goals. Do you have concrete goals on which to base your decisions? Do you have short and long-term goals for your personal and professional life?

Goals that are well thought out, written down and reviewed often will get accomplished much more often then those goals only dreamt about.

There may be times during your job search where things will inevitably go wrong, or not how you planned. A missed opportunity or botched interview happens can throw you off your game but how you respond makes all the difference. Righting a wrong, sending a thank you note anyways, and recommitting to your goals and search is the quickest way to get back to driving a focused job search.

How are career goals helpful?

🔦 They build a brand that is a clear presentation of your transferrable skills, strengths, and passion.

🔦 Goals direct where you launch your search and grow your network.

🔦 Your resume and LinkedIn profile will be focused on specific skills, experiences and accomplishments that are expected and required for your targeted role.

🔦 You will know what types of recruiters and companies to target.

🔦 Your network will have a clear understanding of the type of position you are looking for.

🔦 When ill-fitting opportunities show themselves, having a career goal will keep you on track.

🔦 Speaking with your network, recruiters, interviewers, and decision makers, you can clearly deliver your value and message.

Do you want to launch your job search and wonder aimlessly or march confidently, toward your future?
Goals make the difference!


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