Commonalities of a Successful 2020 Job Search

Last week I had several of my coaching clients share new job offers presented, despite COVID’s presence. Repeated success stories made it clear that my clients have several practices in common. For starters, they are all focused and proactive in their search, and treat it worked at it every day.

10 Job Search Strategies to Help You Land a Job in 2020

  1. Understand your transferable skills and the value you bring to a company.
  2. Determine what your next role looks like.
  3. Know where to focus your search and who are your targeted companies/industries.
  4. Have your resume and LinkedIn profile updated and ready for viewing.
  5. Reach out to your network daily to grow, develop, and utilize it.
  6. Stay creative and curious in your search, dig deep to determine which companies are a good fit.
  7. Layer your search strategies with networking, LinkedIn, recruiters, job boards, and targeting companies to find new opportunities.
  8. Take the time to find the right opportunities, not just a job.
  9. Keep your focus off the economy, COVID, and whether companies are hiring.
  10. And lastly, stay positive and remind yourself often of the qualities and experience you have to offer the right company.

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