Keep the Search Alive!

Thinking of “taking a break” from your job search over the holidays?

Thinking most companies don’t hire between Thanksgiving and the end of the year?

Think again!

Even with Covid working to crush the job market, many companies hire during the holiday season. Retail, delivery, transportation, and travel industries consistently hire for the holiday season, even if on temporary basis.

I have had many clients over the years that were contacted during the holidays and go through the hiring process at the end of the year. Clients interviewed on Black Friday, Christmas Eve, the day after Christmas. A client, a few years ago, accepted an offer on New Year’s Eve. Traditionally January and February are when most companies hire, but continuing your job search all the way to the end of the year is a good idea. Why?

-    As companies wrap up end of year financials, budgets often reveal available monies that can be used to hire need talent at the end of the year, instead of carrying that expense over into the new year.

-    With fewer job seekers applying online and networking their way into new companies, there is less competition and more availabilities for you to make a presence and get in front of decision makers.

-  Companies revving up for the busy new year may want to get people hired, onboarded, and ready to hit the ground running at the first of the year.

-    Those determined to find a new job, regardless of the season, are driven and motivated - appealing qualities to many companies. Companies that cannot hire until the new year, will be impressed with your ambition, and will put you ahead of those that took off the holidays.

-  With less travel and altered Christmas plans, more employees are working through the holidays this year, which means, interviews can proceed if companies are looking to hire.

My suggestion would be to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, and then get serious about your job search. Keep moving forward!



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